José Antonio Rodríguez – Guitarra Flamenca de Concierto Book & DVD

José Antonio Rodríguez “Guitarra Flamenca de Concierto – Solos de Guitarra” Book & DVD José Antonio Rodríguez, master of the flamenco guitar, presents his new book and DVD “Guitarra Flamenca de Concierto – Solos de Guitarra” with scores and video of his concert compositions. Together with, La Sonanta presents the latest release in the Flamenco

Niño de Pura DVD and Score Book

Niño de Pura – Available Now: La Sonanta’s new release in the Maestro Series for Flamenco Guitar: “Niño de Pura – Técnicas Esenciales de la Guitarra Flamenca” The 6th release in the La Sonanta’s Flamenco Guitar Maestro Series features the essential techniques and styles of the acclaimed and multi-awarded flamenco guitar master, Daniel Navarro Cruz, better known by